Character Bios


Sisyphus Experiment

   He's just a regular guy who gets abducted by aliens for an experiment to measure Earthling's rank in the universe.  He is an anti-authority gamer.

(Not an actual British punker)


Gobi Engineer

    Octopus-like genius with mental powers.  He talks using mental projection and has other ambiguous powers(a.k.a. whatever is needed for a storyline.)  He is not truly cruel, just insensitive and uncaring.  Loves playing around with electronics.  He is introduced to games by Sisyphus and becomes a l33t g4m3r.


Commodore Taurus Captain

    Huge rhino/bull-like captain of the Death Turtle.  Has so much arrogance that he promoted himself to commodore.  Very conceited and stubborn, also believes himself to be infallible.  He is cruel and sadistic, and has no respect for those under him(which he considers to be everyone.)


Julie Scientist

    Agent and scientist for SOFOO who's mission is to see if humans can be acclimated to general society.  She stands up for the "little creature", and tries to get what is best for the unfortunate, even if they believe something else is what is best.  She is sensitive about other's feelings, caring, argument, and is positive that she is never wrong.

H3RB-3R7 Robotic Doctor

    He is the ship's doctor.  He looks at people as repairmen look at machines.  He knows when to use advance medical science and when to use a swift kick in the ass.  He's clueless when it comes to anything mechanical or electronic.